About us

West Coast Women’s refuge has been passionate about supporting women and children to live free from violence and abuse on the West Coast since 1983.
We are an affiliated member of the national Collective of independent Women’s refuge and are one of 37 affiliated Refuges in New Zealand.

Mission Statement:

The safety of women and children is paramount.
To work towards the prevention and elimination of violence and in particular to support the rights of women and children to care and protection.
That all clients and their children have the right to live in an environment that is violence and abuse free.

Our commitment to you

Our service is confidentially

We will:
Treat you with respect and with no judgement.
Offer you support, advice and information so you can make the decisions you feel are right for you and your family/whanau.
Work with you in your own home or in ours.
Value the rights of self determination and equality of all regardless of their race, age or sexuality.
Help you develop a safety plan to keep you and your family/whanau safe from further violence and abuse.
Respect your right to make your own decisions and express your own thoughts and opinions.